Frequent Questions


Q: Is your company insured?
Yes, we are fully insured for any damages that may be caused by our services.

Q: How often will my lawn be mowed?
We mow lawns on a weekly basis to avoid clumping of grass clippings.

Q: How short will my grass be cut?
This will depend on the weather conditions and your watering program. Most lawns will be kept at a 2.5 to 3 inch height during the normal growing season. For winter the final cut will be approximately 2”.

Q: Why is the grass kept at 2.5 to 3”?
: This helps the grass grow deeper roots and helps shade out weeds.

Q: What happens if it rains on the day my grass is scheduled to be cut?
If this happens, the lawn will be cut on the next dry day or as weather permits. This does happen on occasion, but all lawns will be taken care of during the week they are scheduled.

Q: What does Aeration do?
Aeration loosens the soil by removing a series of cores or plugs of dirt from the yard. This allows nutrients to enter the ground easier.

Q: Is overseeding effective?
Yes, it can be very effective if it is done properly. It is best if it is done along with aeration or dethatching.

Q: What type of seed should be used for overseeding?
A quality perennial seed should be used. The seed should be guaranteed to be weed free. Annual seeds will only last for one to two seasons.

Q: What type of contracts are available?
We offer seasonal and year-round contracts. Seasonal contracts include either lawn mowing or snow plowing. Our year-round contract includes lawn mowing, snow plowing, one spring clean-up and one fall clean-up. The year-round contract is one annual rate broken into 12 monthly payments.

Q: What type of lawn mower do you use?
We use high quality commercial walk-behind mowers. We have a range of sizes to fit the yard size. These mowers create a nice looking and even cut.

Q: How often do you sharpen your mower blades?
We sharpen our blades every night after mowing.

Q: Do sharp blades make a difference?
Yes, sharp blades make a huge difference. Dull blades tend to tear the blades of grass which stunts the growth of the grass and tends to give it a brownish tint.

Q: How do you dethatch the lawn?
When we dethatch we use a tine rake that mounts on the front of our mowers. The rake has about 50 individual tines that scrape through the turf to bring the thatch to the surface. We bag up the thatch with the mower and remove the debris from the property.

Q: When will my drive way be plowed?
We plow when there is a snowfall of 2 inches or more. We wait until the snow has stopped before we plow. If there is going to be more than 5 to 6 inches of snow the driveway will need to be plow more than once.

Q: When will my sidewalks be shoveled?
We shovel after the snow has stopped completely and the driveway has been cleared.

Q: Will you come back and clean up after the city has cleared the roads?
After the roads have been cleared we will come back and clean any snow out of the end of the driveway.


Q: Do you use subcontractors?
On occasion we will use subcontractors for services that we don’t provide.

Q: What are the normal contract dates?
Our mowing contracts run from April 15th to November 14th. Regular mowing is normally completed from May 1st to October 31st. Clean-ups will be completed during the remainder of the mowing contract.
Our Snow Removal contracts run from November 15th to April 14th.

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