Kyle’s Lawn & Snow Offers - Personalized and Budget-Friendly Lawn Care

Kyle’s Lawn & Snow is a locally owned and operated, full service outdoor maintenance company.  Most often small businesses offer the best customer service, dedication and value.  Mike Bollinger, owner  of Bloomington’s Kyle’s Lawn and Snow knows customer satisfaction and great value is what really matters in this industry.        


Bollinger says, “In these tough economic times every dollar matters.  We are here to provide outstanding service, tailored to each customer’s need(s).  What one client’s yard needs may not be the same for another client’s yard down the block.  We look at each job and put together a lawn care program that works for each yard and more importantly fits the customer’s budget.  In the end, our goal is to give our customers options that they will be happy with!”  


As the owner of his business, Kyle receives all of his company’s phone calls.  “If a client has a question, a complaint, a suggestion, or a compliment, I take the call,” Stelmazek said. “This is just one example of our commitment to customer service.”  Communication and attention to detail is what Stelmazek believes sets his company apart from many of his competitors.  “It means a lot to all of my clients that they can call and talk to me directly,” Stelmazek said, “We do have voicemail and we strive to return all calls with in 12 – 24 hours. What we don’t have are operator services, tedious online forms, or any other systems that are confusing or get in the way of direct communication between my clients and myself.” In addition to his company’s good communication, Kyle’s Lawn & Snow was voted the #1 Lawn Care Company in Bloomington in 2011,2015,2016 by Sun Newspapers.  Mike says, “This was an amazing honor that I take very seriously and I’m going to continually strive to live up to this achievement.”


Kyle’s Lawn and Snow is completely insured, has all the proper licenses and education to provide services such as fertilizing and weed control.   Mike does everything possible to guarantee the best quality of service for all of his clients.  Kyle’s business provides all lawn care services, including Mowing, Edging, Hedge Trimming, Fertilizing, Weed Control, Aeration, Overseeding, Spring / Fall Clean-ups and Snow Removal.


Interested homeowners should call Mike directly and set up a time for him to come to their house and talk about their yard. Together, Mike and the property owner will walk through the yard, discuss services that are offered and concerns the client may have. “A lot of times interested clients will talk to me about the concerns they have with their current lawn-care service,” Stelmazek said, “Like a certain area of the yard isn’t taken care of properly, or a certain hedge keeps getting missed.”  After the initial walk through of the yard, Mike offers the client a free, on-the-spot estimate.  “At that point, it’s up to the client,” Bollinger said, “They can either agree to the estimate right away, or they can shop around. No matter what, I’m always available to answer any questions about their bid or if they’d like to discuss different options.” 


If you’re interested in hiring a lawn-care service provider and you’re sick of sitting on hold or talking with someone who doesn’t actually work on your yard, Kyle’s Lawn & Snow is who to call.


For more information call Mike at 952-201-6972 or visit

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